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                         Picnic Rates & Packages

 Picnic Tariff At Holiday Resort Premises
for the Season 2018 -2019
(Season starts From November 2018 and ends on 31st March 2019)
 Please Click HERE for Picnic Booking Status
Please contact Mr. Shohel @ 01831924551 or Dhaka office 029570782,01552333563 

Holidays only rate

Corporate house reserved Picnic 

(It includes reservation of Picnic Zone only

& with one AC Cottage & one Non-AC Room)...: Tk.100,000.00 ( One Lac only + 15% VAT)**

Non-holiday reduced rate tk.60.000.00 +15% VAT**

Reserved Picnic may include further 9 AC and 3 Non-Ac rooms for further price of ....Tk.70,000.00+15% VAT

** Early bird Picnic within November  -Discount offer 40% 

and December - Discount offer 30% 

Please contact Mr. Shohel @ 01831924551 or Dhaka office 029570782,01552333563 


Educational Institutions reserved Picnic 

(Facilities same as Picnic).... :Tk.70,000.00+ 15% VAT**, Non holidays Discount :40%

 ** Early bird Picnic within November -discount offer 60% 

 and December - Discount offer 50% 

Please contact Mr. Shohel @ 01831924551 or Dhaka office 029570782,01552333563 


 Family Picnic ...per person Tk.150.00

(Bringing Outside Food, or Cooking by you in our Kitchen of your own food is permissible)

No reservation needed.Come direct.

Just inform Front office on 01718471961,01733051598

or Dhaka office on 029570782,01552333563 


Other Amusement Tariff


(1) Bar-B-Q Evening @ Pool site (Minimum 10 Person) :

Tk.400.00 per person (With Swimming)

Tk. 250.00 (Without Swimming)

(1/4 Grilled Chicken,Two Nun,Salsa,330 ml water & Tea/Coffee ) 

(May or may not book cottage separately)

Contact Mr Tamjid on 01748171967 


(2) Fish Catching in pond ( As per the Catch)

     Ruhi/Katla Fish ( 1 kg.weight) :Tk.400.00 (Per one Kg  Fish)

               Telapia or any other small fish : Tk.75.00 (Per fish)

Bar-B-Q charge of fish beside pond :Tk.50.00 per fish

 No reservation needed.Come direct.

Just inform Front office  01718471961,01733051598

or Dhaka office 029570782,01552333563 

                            PICNIC Rate at River Resort PREMISES

 Picnic Tariff At River Resort Premises 
for the Season 2018 -2019
(Season starts From November 2018 ends on 31st March 2019)
Corporate reserve Picnic taka 20,000.00 (Holiday only)
Non-Holiday rate is tk 15,000.00
Edn. Institution reserve picnic taka 15,000.00 (Holiday only)
Non-Holiday rate is taka 10,000.00  Picnic
( River Resort (Boat Club) is newly built just on the bank of River Kajoli ,an amazing pollution free clear water river with Speed boat,Family Cruz Boat and other Water amusement rides. 
 Early bird Picnic within November  discount offer 10% 
Please contact Mr. Shohel @ 01831924551 or Dhaka office 029570782,01552333563 

Attention Please
For the purpose of reserved Picnic
the Holiday resort is divided into two areas

1.The reserved Picnic zone.
2. The Cottage zone

Reserved Picnic is confined to the reserved Picnic zone
and the Cottage area and the Mehli"s Dining area shall remain free for the other Guest & Visitor, Even if  all other 12 AC-Non AC rooms & cottages are booked by the same Picnickers.

Booking & Refund Policy

1.Full payment is to be made at the time of booking the Picnic.

2.If the booking is canceled before 30 days of the scheduled date,

10% service charge will be deducted and the rest amount will be refunded at the convenience of the resort authority.

3.No refund for cancellation after 30 days ,but date may be shifted to even next year , if available.

4.Refund is possible if the canceled date could be
sold by the resort authority or by the party.

We are sorry for not being able
 to refund after 30 days
For Refund Contact  Mr.Hassan on 01752353591

Book a Cottage or Picnic

Enjoy River Amusements at our NEW BOAT CLUB

Wanna ride Water Tri-Cycle, Power Paddle Boat , Manual Paddale Boat or Wanna to take bath in open river

Need Speed in Speed Boat

Enter the Boat Club premisses in one entry ticket, to Enjor water rides in open River

We Accept All Credit Cards

Rent-a-Car or Microbus

Rent-a-car or Microbus

from our sister concern for travelling

to & fro Resort at cheap rate.

 For reservation call

Mr Fazlul Karim :



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