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About the Resort facility

  1. Can I book cottage for night staying?

    Yes.We are authorised to take guest for night stay under the terms of our 1*star Hotel License,but subject to confirmation of your identity and behaviour.This we check to ensure the security of the Resort by the night.We send your identity to local police authority.

  2. What is the check-out time for 24 hours stay?

    It is Next Morning 10 AM

  3. Can we have food for dinner?

    Yes certainly? The inner restaurant 'Mehlis Dinning'is open upto 10 PM.

  4. What we can get at Lunch & Dinner ?

    All Bangladeshi Cusine,Chainese cuisine,Moglai Cusine,Hot and cold drinks , Hot pure Milk,Doi,Rosmalai and all sorts of sweets manufactured in our own factory.

  5. Can we get food in the cottage ?

    Definitly .Our smart stewards are at 24 hours guest service.

  6. Do we have to pay any service charge ?

    No. But the stewards will not mind if you encourage tips.

  7. Do you have Driver's accomodation at the night ?

    Yes. Drivers has separate accomodation.Each seat Tk.300.00.They have toilet facility also.

  8. Can we stay more than the bed capacity of the cottage ?

    Yes.The premier and the VIP cottages can accomodate 10 extra persons, while other cottages accomodate 2/3 persons in extra bed for a little charge of Taka 300.00 per bed.

  9. Can we enjoy Bar-B-Q at the night ?

    Yes. You can enjoy amazing Bar-B-Q at the front square of the resort at the evening upto 11pm at our management (but without live Music).Per person cost is taka 600.00.Menu is 1.Bar-B-Q Chicken 2.Malaysian/Bangladeshi parata 3.Free flow soft drinks or tea/coffee

  10. What about your Angling pond

    Our Angling pond has plenty ffishes like 'Rui,Katla'Telapia,Sol etc.You can rent fishing hook for as little of Tk.50.00 and catch fish as many as you can by paying the price of the fish.Price is 1kg.Rui or katla or any such weighty fish....Tk,250.00 .Telapia or any such small fish ...Tk.50.00 per fish. You can make the fish Bar-B-Q beside the pond on cupon of Tk.25.00 per fish.

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About the Security

  1. Is your Resort is safe from all criminality?

    Inshallah 100%.The resort owner is a local and national influential person honoured by the local Administration and police who keep a vigilent eye on the Resot security.

  2. Can I come with my fiance to book a cottage ?

     Sorry. We encourage family to stay in the cottage.But you can roam about within the resort with your fiance with your 'Juti' ticket and stay whole the day in our kiosks.


  3. Can we drink Alchohole in private in the cottage ?

    Sorry.We can not permit it and we are very serious about it.

  4. What is your night security?

    Two of our  brave Night Gurd, smartly equipped with torch light and batton,  patrol the whole resort at night and blows wistle frequently.The Front office of the resort remains open wholwethe night when there are night stayer guest  in the resort.The resort being adequatly secured and local patrol police visits once at the night we feel no insecurity at night.

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About Picnic Facility

  1. Is there any limit for picnic members ?

    No . If you have reserved the whole Resort with its 10 cottages you can bring as many as member as you can.

  2. What is your Parking facility?

    We accomodate 20 cars in our parking lot.We can further accomodate 10 long bodied Buses in our long approch road more cars and buses beside the highway.

  3. Can we place a cataring order with you for the picnic ?

    Yes.we love to serve the food cooked by our trained chef and his team for your picnic.

  4. What is your Toilet facility for the picnickers ?

    We have as many as 15 toilets in our 2 public toilet house,apart from standard toilets attached with each cottage.Cottage toilets has hot water facility and high english comode.

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About Discount in price

  1. What discount I may get within season ?

    We only offer 20% discount on the price of our service to the foreign tourist only.

    we are sorry to allow any discount to a home tourist withine October-March every year.

  2. What is your off-season discount policy ?

    We do not have any off season.The resort has 6 different atmosphere in 6 different season.Our guest are alawys inclined to stay in the resort whole the year.We suggest you come on(1)@ Summer and see how the breezing wind cools you.(2) Come on @ Rainy season and see how the resort became a island around the water beside (3) Come on @  winter and see the Kool no off season!

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Rent-a-car or Microbus

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